4 Ductwork Horror Stories That Will Make You Want to Clean Your Ducts ASAP

If you’re a new homeowner, or have yet to have professional duct cleaning in your home, there is no telling what could be hiding in your floors and ceilings. Not even new builds are immune to fostering out of place and even unhealthy items and pests within their ductwork.

So what are some of the worst things that have been found in air ducts? Just think about all of the times you’ve accidently dropped something down a vent or register. That’s not great, but pretty mild. Now think about kids and all of the different things they find and like to make disappear through the magical little gate on the wall. Getting warmer. Now imagine the construction worker helping to build your home and him not wanting to walk all the way to the dumpster to throw away his half-eaten lunch. Now you’re starting to see your vents in a different light. Don’t let these 5 ductwork horror stories happen in your home by routinely cleaning your ducts.

1. Human Waste

There have been multiple occasions of Reno duct cleaners finding waste inside of ductwork. While this is expected of rodents, believe it or not, human waste has been found in ducts. Whether it be a toddler’s mistake or, sadly enough, an adult at a house party gone wrong, this is definitely not something you want in your airways.  

2. Old Food

From half-eaten burgers to just about anything a kid can fit through the slats of a vent, duct cleaners in Reno have seen it all. Not only can these food items become smelly and moldy, but they will attract bugs, pests and other critters that you don’t want in your home. Things like rats and mice can be hard to get rid of once they’re in and generate waste of their own as well as…

3. Dead Animals

Certain animals have a short lifespan. One that start and end without your knowledge if you elect not to clean your ducts regularly. What this means is that not only can your ducts become filled with animal waste, but dead animals that can, again attract more scavengers, or simply rot within your ducts until they are found.

4. Drugs

Most homebuyers don’t have the fortune of knowing the owners of the home in which they are purchasing. As the drug epidemic continues to spread across our country and prescription pain medications guide more and more upstanding citizens into a life of chemical dependency, you never know where you’ll find illegal drugs. Hiding this contraband in the ductwork of their home can be an easy way to make these drugs disappear for a homeowner or their unruly child.

What we don’t know can hurt us, or at least our indoor air quality. Don’t ignore the odd smell coming from your vents and don’t assume the well-to-do couple you purchased your home from kept their ducts spotless. For your peace of mind and for the health of your family, contact Sierra Air, Inc to have a technician come out to provide comprehensive duct cleaning services.