4 Things You Need to Know About Attic HVAC Units

Placing the HVAC units in the attic is an alternative way to install heating and air conditioning, and for some homes, this setup works well. If you are considering installing your new or replacement HVAC units this way, there are some things you should know before committing to it.

  1. Quality Ductwork Is Important – Ducts are more exposed to potential damage when installed in the attic, so investing in quality ductwork and proper installation is extremely important. The ductwork will be installed in an uninsulated area – practically exposed to outdoor conditions – which means it is entirely possible for leaks to develop due to expansion and contraction from exterior temperatures.
  2. It Can Save a Lot of Space – Unless you’re planning on using the attic as an extension of your living space, the attic will just be so much unused space, perfect for storing ductwork. If you’re planning on buying a split air conditioning system, the attic is the place to store the compressor in, helping you save on indoor space.
  3. It May Need Some Looking After – Attic HVAC units are not as readily visible, so you’re less likely to notice if yours does develop problems. This means you will have to keep an eye on it through regular inspections, and by making sure you don’t miss your scheduled maintenance. If you already have an existing HVAC unit, have it thoroughly inspected by an HVAC professional. Often the ductwork may look good upon visual inspection, but even the tiniest holes and cracks can expand over time, which may be detrimental to your home’s overall energy efficiency and impact your monthly energy costs.
  4. Installation Costs Less – Many homeowners choose attic HVAC units because installation costs less, particularly in the placement of the ductwork. This gives you more latitude in choosing the right contractor. As mentioned earlier, quality ductwork and workmanship is essential to an efficient and long-lasting attic HVAC system.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not an attic HVAC system is right for your home, it helps to have an expert’s opinion. Our team at Sierra Air, Inc. can inspect your existing HVAC system and your attic, and determine what is the right system for you. Call us today or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We have locations in Reno, NV and Winnemucca, NV.