7 Strange HVAC Noises and What They Are Trying to Tell You

Modern air conditioners are becoming more quiet, making anyone forget about them even if they run for most of the day. When something’s wrong though, they’d surely let you know.

While many cooling units naturally hum, these unusual noises suggest something out of the ordinary is happening :

1. Banging

Any air conditioning repair expert would attest that banging is indicative of a loose or broken component. The racket may also suggest a faulty compressor. Either way, be sure to let a qualified technician know immediately and don’t use your unit in the meantime.

2. Popping

Sudden and little pops can make your heart jump, but they’re not as scary as you’d think. In most cases, it’s just the sound ducts make when they expand or contract. This a common reaction of metal ductwork to temperature changes. If you’ve had your ducts for a long time and only heard about it recently, call in a professional to determine its cause.

3. Clicking

Some air conditioners click at the start, but ongoing clicking can indicate an electrical issue. All things electricity are hazardous by nature, so don’t take it lightly.

4. Hissing

Ducts hiss when there’s air leakage, particularly when the sound is coming from the walls. A light hissing noise isn’t pressing enough to hit the panic button, but realize it’s an energy drain until sealed.

5. Scraping

Loose, moving parts can rub against the inside of your air conditioner. Deal with it urgently to trace where the noise originates and fix the affected component while the problem is isolated.

6. Rattling

The condenser unit outside can rattle because of trapped debris. Switch your HVAC system off until a technician finds what’s wiggling around inside the outdoor equipment to protect intact components from damage.

7. Whistling

Drop whatever you’re doing upon hearing high-pitched whistling. In most cases, it’s the sound of refrigerant leakage, which is bad for the health of your HVAC system and your family.

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