Should You Get a Whole-Home Humidifier?

Despite technological advancements, modern heating and air conditioning units are still limited when it comes to controlling humidity. While furnaces are effective at keeping you warm in the winter, they do so by pumping hot, dry air into your home. Dry air has been linked to a number of respiratory, eye and skin problems, and it’s also been known to exacerbate the symptoms of certain allergies. In most cases, your best bet to combat dry air is with a whole-home humidifier.

Whole-home humidifiers offer a whole slew of benefits, but many homeowners are still on the fence about getting one installed. Let our experts at Sierra Air show you the pros as well as the cons of whole-home humidifiers so you can decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Advantages of Whole-Home Humidifiers

While the benefits of maintaining a healthy level of humidity in your home cannot be stressed enough, some people feel that installing a whole-home system is going a little overboard. There are residential HVAC contractors who recommend a simplistic approach by advising the use of portable units, but you’re unlikely to get the full advantages of humidity control with these smaller systems. From another perspective, a whole-home humidifier is also more energy efficient.

Limitations of Whole-Home Humidifiers

Installing a whole-home system isn’t a DIY project. It involves a lot of planning as well as some construction in order to fit all the parts into your existing HVAC system, something that may be beyond the ability of even the most enterprising DIY enthusiast. The best way to do it is to have a professional carry out the installation, but this understandably will come at a cost. However, after weighing the value and benefits you’ll be getting from a whole-home humidifier, it’s easy to see that the initial cost is definitely worth it.

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