Common Heat Pump Noises and What They Mean

During cold winters and hot summers, a heat pump can be an effective heating and air conditioning system for homes in Nevada. Heat pumps don’t necessarily produce heat; rather, they transfer heat from one place to another. This means they can function as both a heating and a cooling unit, depending on the needs of the homeowner.The way a heat pump transfers heat can make for noisy operation, but this normal whirring and buzzing is neither loud nor concerning. If you start to hear odd noises coming from your heat pump that don’t seem to be part of normal operation, however, this may be a sign of trouble brewing under the hood. In this blog post, your HVAC specialists at Sierra Air explain common heat pump sounds and what they’re trying to tell you.

Running Louder Than Usual

As a residential air conditioning installation, heat pumps do make noise, and if these noises seem louder than usual it could mean one of two things: the compressor is operating at a higher setting, or the whole unit is in “defrost” mode. Whatever the reason, louder-than-usual noises are unlikely to indicate serious problems.

Metallic Clanging Noises

The sound of metallic clanging can only come from the unit’s fan. If you hear what sounds like metal hitting metal, shut off the power to your heat pump and inspect the fan for any loose fasteners or parts. If you find the fan is still making disturbing sounds, turn the fan off again and call a professional technician right away. Continuing to run a faulty fan can damage its motor and result in worse problems.

Gurgling and Grinding

Heat pumps use refrigerant lines to transfer heat. Over time, the refrigerant levels get depleted, causing the unit to make gurgling noises. Contact your local residential HVAC contractors at once if you notice this sound so they can top off the refrigerant and you can avoid any complications with your heat pump.Keep your heat pumps running in good condition all winter long with the help of our experts at Sierra Air. Fill out our contact form to schedule a service visit today. You may also request a free estimate on new heat pump installations. We serve homeowners in the Greater Nevada Area.