Dealing With Dead Rodents in Your HVAC Ductwork

While most homeowners don’t like to think about it, rodents finding their way into the air ducts is a fairly common occurrence. This results in a number of issues, from scratched and chewed duct walls that allow air to escape to debris accumulation in the air ducts that can lead to mold and bacteria growth. But the worst of it is when one of the creatures dies while inside the duct system. There are a couple of ways to handle this. and Sierra Air, a top air conditioning installation contractor in the area, shares them here.

Remove the remains. Do this while the decomposition is in its early stages. You’ll know when it’s dead because the smell won’t be as overpowering. First, shut off the HVAC system, then open the windows. Follow the smell to where it’s strongest. Once you’ve located the body, you can either take care of the removal yourself or call a local HVAC professional to handle the work.

Have a trusted HVAC company clean and sanitize your ductwork. Removing the body isn’t the end of the process, however. The remains may have left discharge inside the air ducts that can lead to bacteria and mold growth. To keep your home safe and healthy, turn to a dependable heating and air conditioning company like Sierra Air for a comprehensive duct cleanup. We’ll clear the mess from your air ducts and disinfect the surfaces to remove any lingering odors or bacteria.

We use an advanced duct cleaning method, Turbo Jet Cleaning, that’s widely recognized as the most significant duct cleaning equipment technology. In fact, it’s used by leading professional duct cleaners throughout the country. Turbo Jet Cleaning removes airborne contaminants and sanitizes your entire HVAC system with Enviro-G and EPA, OSHA and USDA sanitizer to eliminate microorganisms.

Seal the ducts properly. To prevent further infestation in your air ducts, have Sierra Air find and seal any holes the creatures have made in the ducts. You can also schedule preventive maintenance with us to ensure your ductwork continues delivering the reliable, efficient performance you’re used to. Sierra Air isn’t only the area’s expert in heating and air conditioning repair–we can take care of your ductwork needs, as well.

Keep your duct system rodent-free and performing well by turning to Sierra Air. We proudly serve Reno, NV, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (775) 800-5500 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.