Thermostat in Recovery Mode

What You Should Know About a Thermostat in Recovery Mode

Perhaps you’ve noticed your thermostat indicating that it’s in recovery mode at some point. Don’t worry about this too much–it doesn’t mean your thermostat has encountered issues. Recovery mode is actually a common feature found on newer thermostats. Sierra Air, the trusted air conditioning installation contractor in the area, expounds on this particular thermostat setting below:

What Exactly Is Recovery Mode?

A feature on smart thermostat models, recovery mode indicates the device is working toward achieving a new temperature that’s warmer or cooler than the outside air after it’s been disengaged for a period of time. For example, if you’ve had your AC system turn itself off while you’re outside, the thermostat will enter recovery mode so that it can have your home cooled down by the time you return. Recovery mode just lets you know that your AC has turned back on and is running as it works to arrive at your optimal temperature.

How Does Recovery Mode Benefit You?

Recovery mode can actually help you save money on heating and air conditioning by allowing you to limit the use of your HVAC system to the times that you need it to control your home’s indoor temperatures.

Some Essentials About Recovery Mode

You’ll want to understand how recovery mode works so you can set up your HVAC system to be more energy efficient. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Thermostats typically enter recovery mode when you set it there.
  • If it still occurs even if you haven’t done this, a glitch or power surge may have occurred that’s caused your thermostat to reset itself. Another reason is that there may be an issue with the thermostat itself.
  • A more serious cause is that your HVAC system has performance issues. Recovery mode occurs when the system is trying to reach the desired temperature. That’s why, if your system isn’t working the way it should, this may indicate that it’s failing to cool or heat your home properly. Prompt heating and air conditioning repair by Sierra Air will help mitigate this.

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