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How to Childproof Your HVAC Floor Vents

One of the first things you do when you have small children at home is make sure that corners, stairs and other similar areas are sll  childproofed. HVAC floor vents are easily accessible to small children, and thus may require childproofing, too. In this blog, the local residential HVAC contractors at Sierra Air share tips on how to do this.

Why Do You Need to Childproof Your HVAC Floor Vents?

Small children like to explore. While some may overlook such things as HVAC floor vents, others don’t. Small children will typically drop things like pens and other small items between the slots of vent grilles. In fact, you’ll probably find a lot of items you thought were missing if you remove the floor vent grilles.

Children may poke the vents with their fingers. This is a big problem, as their fingers can get stuck in the openings, and, depending on the type of vent, it could have sharp edges. Also, you probably don’t want to have their hands covered in dust and dirt from handling these vents.

How to Childproof Your HVAC Floor Vents

Fortunately, childproofing your heating and air conditioning floor vents isn’t complicated:

Secure the registers — Registers are designed to be easily removed for cleaning. Unfortunately, this feature also makes it easy for small children to lift the entire panel and play with the open vent. Most types of vent grilles can be nailed or screwed to the floor; however, you can also use velcro or double-sided tape if you don’t want to damage your floors.

Replace the Vent Covers With Plastic Ones — Metal vent covers have sharp edges that can lead to cuts. A quick fix is to replace the vent covers with plastic ones, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. The majority of vent covers come in standard sizes, with a wide selection of colors and finishes to choose from. This means you should be able to find a suitable plastic replacement vent cover that matches the old one

Ask an HVAC Professional — Most tHVAC professionals like us don’t just install heating and cooling systems; we also make sure that our installations won’t cause harm to your home’s occupants. We can help you come up with options that will make your HVAC system safer for your little ones, while still providing efficient heating and cooling.

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