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Common Causes of Air Conditioner Blower Fan Failure

Blower fans are essential air conditioning components. They create air currents that blow cold air and remove heat indoors. In case of fan failure, your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home. In this blog, the residential HVAC contractors at Sierra Air share the most common reasons why air conditioner blower fans fail.

Bad Capacitors

An HVAC capacitor stores energy that helps maintain voltage stability for the HVAC system. Air conditioner fans have a dedicated pair of capacitors: one to help start them up, another to keep them running. Bad capacitors result in low fan output, which can later lead to failure. They look like unlabeled beverage cans, and while they may look like simple components, they do need to be replaced by professionals.

Failing Contactors

An air conditioner contactor is an electrical switch that controls the condenser fan motors, and can usually be found in the same spot as the capacitors. Like most electrical components, contactors can go bad over time. Contactors handle several electrical connections: the slightest mistake in its wiring can result in big problems, which means this should be fixed by a heating and air conditioning technician.

Loose or Broken Belt

Older air conditioners are equipped with belt-driven fans. The belt can break or become loose over time, which then stops the motor from running. The good news is, if you own one of these old systems, they’re still repairable. You should also consider investing in a more efficient HVAC system.

The HVAC Unit Isn’t Receiving Power

Sometimes HVAC systems will overheat and trip the circuit breaker. If this doesn’t happen often, all you need to do is let the air conditioner cool down, then reset the circuit breaker. If this happens frequently, call for HVAC service. Your HVAC technician will need to check the electrical connections and the wiring within the air conditioner, as well as examine it to determine whether or not it’s undersized. An undersized air conditioner will be redlining all the time, resulting in frequent breakdowns and higher energy bills.

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