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Does Weather Affect Happiness?

The winter blues and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are two factors that prove that weather and temperature can affect our moods. But how much do they affect us?

Does the weather affect my mood?

If you're someone who gets sad when the sun goes away or during cooler weather, you're not alone. There's significant evidence backing up the effects of weather on our moods. The shortened days of winter can impact your circadian rhythm, affecting your mood and overall sleep. However, heat can also negatively affect our moods. There are many studies on how heat can make people more likely to be short-tempered and even violent.

Is warm weather better than cold weather?

With all this data out there, Ph.D. Patrick Baylis decided to compile aggregate data from Twitter to try and discern which emotions people expressed more during cold and warm weather. He cross-referenced the positive or negative language, locations, and weather conditions from 1 billion tweets from people all over the United States to discern whether warm weather or cold weather made people happier.

According to the data collected, peak happiness levels were reported within the range of 55 - 72.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and higher dips were seen in hotter weather-from the range of 81 - 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stay Cool and Stay Comfortable

Keeping your home within 10 degrees of the outside temperature is the EPA's recommended practice for energy-efficiency. However, Baylis' data suggests that keeping your home within the range of 68 - 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the best practice for year-round happiness and comfort.

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