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How to Treat and Reduce Spring Allergies

Spring is finally here! But along with warmer weather, fresh blooms, and egg hunts, spring brings seasonal allergies. Millions of Americans suffer from allergy symptoms from seasonal factors. The most common environmental factors that influence spring allergies are:

  • Tree pollen
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Grass pollen

Our indoor air has never been more important than it has been in the past year, but what can you do to better protect your home and family from allergies?

How to Treat and Prevent Seasonal Allergies

The truth is, there are many different ways that you can reduce your allergies, but most practices fall into two categories: prevention and treatment.

3 Ways to Prevent Exposure to Allergens

Preventing any exposure to potential allergens is the best way to reduce your symptoms.

  • Check the pollen forecast. Online weather tools can help you track pollen counts throughout the week. On days with a higher pollen count, stay indoors to prevent symptoms.
  • Close windows and doors. Spring means nicer weather, and the urge to open up may be irresistible, but it could also mean opening your home up to pollen and other outdoor allergens.
  • Pay attention to moisture. Moisture matters--pollen counts are highest after a rainstorm and in the early mornings. Avoid outdoor activities during these times to prevent triggering your symptoms.

Truthfully, it may be impossible to completely avoid environmental triggers--after all, the outdoors is one of the only places we can safely go right now! In instances where avoiding allergens is impossible, you’ll instead need to treat allergy symptoms (typically with an over-the-counter medication) ahead of time or after your symptoms set in.

Allergy symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion, and a runny nose are a hassle to deal with no matter where you are—but dealing with allergy symptoms in your home?

Survive allergy season comfortably with indoor air quality solutions from the experts at Sierra Air Inc. Contact our team today at (775) 800-5500 to speak with a member of our team about how we can help you fight seasonal allergies at home.